Daisy Wyatt and the Princess Project


Daisy Wyatt and the Princess Project

Posted on 03 February 2022

​​Recruiter by day, Princess by night. Our very own Daisy Wyatt’s IT specialist recruiter helps place candidates into their dream roles, but she also has a secret identity: a Princess. She and her friends spend their weekends glamming up and transforming into Disney princesses to surprise young children with long term illnesses.

"My friend Holly Bills started a Princess Party company about 4 years ago, starting out as just her we are now 10 princes and princesses strong! We do primarily birthday parties for children, however we also do events like at the local ice rink over Christmas time (Frozen themed of course) and even booked our first festival recently!"
The Princess Project

Aurora, Ariel and Elsa (aka our very own Daisy Wyatt and her friends) arrived at Dulcie’s home last weekend for singalong fun and to answer Dulcie’s eager and insightful questions, of which she had so many! (Well, it’s not every day you meet a Disney Princess). Take a look at Dulcie and her new pals hanging out below.

On the 9th December 2021, whilst children are preparing for Father Christmas, 5-year-old Dulcie and her parents received the news that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. Though Dulcie had a swollen stomach, she showed no other symptoms. Neuroblastoma affects around 100 children in the UK every year. Neuroblastoma is an extremely rare type of cancer that develops from immature nerve cells found in several areas of the body, it most typically only affects babies and young children under the age of 5.

The Princess Project
"​Dulcie is a bright, charming young girl with a brilliant smile! I feel so honoured to have brightened her day just a little bit last weekend, and she definitely brightened ours back tenfold! She was so engaged, asking very specific questions of us based on the princess we were playing, even asking Elsa to show her powers (which was a tricky one to get out of!) We spoke about different books she was reading while she wasn’t at school, I asked if she’d read Matilda and her mum said it would be a good one to read as it’s about a girl who “has to grow up too quickly”, Dulcie understands her situation all too well."

While some types of this cancer are treatable through surgery or chemotherapy, they can be often resistant to the treatment and difficult to cure. Often children may need experimental treatment which could cost around £200,000 to £250,000.

The Princess Project
"​Neuroblastoma is usually diagnosed too late, despite Dulcie’s mum’s best efforts to get help, she is now stage 4 and has been advised to start raising money for experimental treatment in America. Her parents want to take her to Disneyland Florida once Dulcie gets better. A real-life warrior princess."

Dulcie fight has only just begun; her parents have set up a Gofund me page in the event that Dulcie needs lifesaving treatment abroad. Any funds remaining will be donated to other families and charities to help other children who need life-saving treatment. You can also follow Dulcie’s journey on Instagram here

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